BLACK INC Water Bottle Cage


The Black Inc bottle cage was carefully designed and developed to provide a secure grip on the bottles even in the roughest terrains.

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Material: Carbon Fiber
Bolts: Laser etched alloy bolts
Weight: 28 g
Finish: UD carbon fiber with glossy and matte clearcoat
Full carbon fiber monoque construction
Light weight design
Secure fit for bottles
Elegant aesthetic

With a grip that belies its lightweight, the Black Inc Water Bottle Cage looks beautiful and will hold water bottles securely over even the roughest road conditions. Made from carbon fiber that offers the perfect mix of flexibility and a firm grasp, the Black Inc Bottle Cage arms securely hold water bottles without preventing an effortless release when the bottle is pulled from the cage.
Though functionality is paramount, the Water Bottle Cage also boasts an elegance that will enhance the appearance of the inner triangle of any bicycle. The unidirectional carbon fiber with the designer glossy and matte clear coat gives the full carbon fiber monocoque construction offers a tasteful, sophisticated appearance that will meld easily with any bicycle paint work.
Weighing just 28g, even the most weight conscious cyclist will agree that the Black Inc Water Bottle Cage is not only tough enough but light enough.