Cinelli Neo Morphe Bar

Image of Cinelli Neo Morphe Bar


MATERIAL: T700/HM Monocoque Carbon fiber
WIDTH (C/C) 38-40-42-44 cm
BULGE: Ø 31,8 mm
WEIGHT: 230g (42 cm)
DROP (C-C): 127mm
REACH (C-C): 84 mm
FINISHING: Carbon with glossy clear coating.

Cinelli redesigned the bar to offer the size 38, keeping the 4 amazing grip zones on the bar making it more ergonomic and extremely comfortable to grab.
– The central area is wider and slopes outward creating an optimum grip point, more comfortable thanks to the new cable covers. (Palm Zone)
– The height of the drop is shorter so that the lower part of the drop can be easily reached. The brake lever is very close and a particular shape under the levers allows a firm grip with 3 fingers when the levers are gripped on high. (3 Fingers Zone)
– The wide internal bending radius provides more room when gripping in the high position on the sides. On the area which slopes towards the brake levers an innovative shape perfectly suits the palm of the hand creating a new and super efficient grip point. (Power Zone)
– In the low drop a gentle but innovative bend facilitates a comfortable position. The cables run inside the handlebar. (Reverse Grip Zone)