BERTHOUD Leather Saddle Agnel black


Short nose leather saddle.
Titanium rails.

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Length: 248 mm
Width: 157 mm
Weight: 355 g.
Made in France.

Designed and made in a workshop based in beautiful South Burgundy, France, all the saddles present a unique serial number engraved on the brass washer on top of the saddle nose.
For a comfort straight out of the box, we pre-soften the leather but our saddles still require a few hundred kilometers to really break in and conform to your shapes and position.
The design and components of the saddles allow for an easy maintenance. Leather tension adjustment and an eventual disassembly/reassembly is possible with only a 5mm allen key and a TX20 torx key.

Main characteristics :

- Thick vegetable tanned leather
- Highly resistant technical composite backplate and nose parts for flex and vibration dampening.
- Saddle bag loops and M4 threaded inserts in the backplate accross our rando and city models
- Leather attachment points away from the seat area to avoid friction
- Securely fastened and easily removable leather thanks to 7 or 9 stainless screws and brass washers
- Fully serviceable with only 2 standard tools (5mm allen key and TX20 key)
- Patented anti-twisting brace and leather tension system

Important notice : that a short nose saddle means a shorter leather and is therefore stiffer than the other models. It will require a longer break in period but will still soften and conform to your body and riding position. They recommend short nose saddles to cyclists who already have an experience with such saddles. Otherwise, we recommend going for our mixed touring model Aspin/Aravis, with our without cutout.