Cinelli Mike Giant Type Volée Ribbon

Image of Cinelli Mike Giant Type Volée Ribbon


TYPE type type tape...

Cinelli Mike Giant's quality Logo Volée ribbon.

Fìrst of all, the TYPE.

For Cinelli Art Program, Mike Giant creates eleven different sets of types, each one with its own style and kerning, each one composing your lovebrand, in a theory of systems for a coherent storytelling.
Mike Giant's recalled codes and influences merge in a unique strip and ribbon, displaying a universe of tatooing, graffiti, graphic novel, comics and illustration to refresh your bicycle style and cast an artistic tone on your handlebar: the same as soundtrack does with movies, this typed tape adds a new character to your machine.
And, the TAPE. Mike Giant Logo volée ribbon.
Cinelli volée ribbon is second to none in terms of extreme protection and comfort coupled with a renewed texture and grip quality, ideal on the road and on gravel or white roads terrain. Easy to install, with great durability in time.

Winged C plugs finish the set.

Made in Taiwan.