COLUMBUS Trittico Seatpost


With a patent-pending micro-adjustment system, the Trittico seatpost offers high performance combined with exceptional ease-of-use in maintenance and micro fit adjustments.

Free delivery to Switzerland.

INTUITIVE TUNING SYSTEM: the Trittico seatpost has been designed with modular component simplicity for intuitive ease of use. The heart of the seatpost’s design is its patent pending central Ergo Bolt, which guarantees fast and precise saddle position adjustment for the most meticulous of riders.

DUAL OFFSET: the offset of the seatpost can be altered between +5mm and -5mm thanks to the modular design of the seatpost.

DESIGN FOR LIFE: the use of a family of proprietary easily removable and replaceable components within the regulation mechanism of the seatpost allows for easy product maintenance.

Diameters: 27,2mm – 31,6mm
Length: 350mm
Weight: 183g (size 27,2mm)
Variable offset: 15mm – 25mm
Asymmetrical seat-mast wall thickness
45° lower edge cut for weight reduction and stress distribution
M5 tightening bolts