COLUMBUS Trittico Stem


With a refined Italian minimalist design aesthetic, combined with latest generation performance and integration as well as a proprietary micro-tuning fit system, the Trittico stem is the obvious choice for your new handmade frame or an exclusive upgrade to your existing cockpit system.

Free delivery to Switzerland.

TUNING SLEEVE: A proprietary feature developed internally by Columbus. This sleeve integrates with the traditional spacer, offering superior functionality in the form of three micro bike position tuning variants (-5°, 0, +5mm) that allow the user to perfect their fit of their bicycle.

ITALIAN MINIMALISM: the Trittico has been designed for the cleanest aesthetic. Bolts are hidden from view whilst maintaining fast and easy regulation and maintenance.

LIGHTWEIGHT RELIABILITY: a cold-forged aluminum front plate ensures best connection with handlebars at the lightest weight.

Sizes (sleeve 0mm): 90mm – 100mm – 110mm – 120mm – 130mm
Angle: -8°
Weight: 176g (110mm size)
Adjustment sleeve +5mm: resulting lengths: 95mm – 105mm – 115mm – 125mm – 135mm
Adjustment sleeve -5°: resulting angle: -13°