ELITE Deboyo Race Thermal Bottle 550 ml.


EBOYO RACE is the only commercially available stainless steel thermal bottle with the innovative Elite cap that features the same technology of the Fly bottles, ideal to ensure copious liquid flow.

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This addition is ideal on a rigid bottle as the liquid flow you can obtain is tripled so drinking is way easier and quicker, with no need to press hard on the bottle body.

Made in stainless steel and featuring a protective cap in its standard version, DEBOYO RACE is a practical, easy to use and ecofriendly bottle destined to have a very long life cycle.

Thermal qualities
DEBOYO RACE isn’t just a steel bottle: it’s first and foremost a thermal bottle that keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

This is mainly due to the Vacuum Technology it’s made in: the bottle is made of two containers welded together, between which there are stringent vacuum conditions in order to create a thermal break. The
absence of air ensures the best possible thermal isolation inside the bottle, so liquid temperature can be maintained for longer.

Stainless steel
The DEBOYO RACE is a bottle made in stainless steel, which is an alloy that’s resistant to consistent breaking loads also
has the advantage of being stainless and long-lasting. This is a perfect material for a bottle to be used also over gravel tracks and
on mountain bikes.

Steel has a great resistance to corrosion as it’s inert comparted to the substances it comes into contact with: there’s no risk of corrosion with water, supplements, detergents and high-acidity drinks such as fruit juices.

Liquid supply tripled
The DEBOYO RACE includes the innovative cap with the same features as the FLY bottles cap. Featuring a push-pull nozzle, this integration gives you a simpler liquid supply and triples its quantity - liquid also flows easier compared to the average bottle, even without having to push hard on the bottle body.
This is an undoubtedly useful feature for a stainless steel thermal bottle.

DEBOYO RACE offers two solutions in one bottle.
It is possible to use the racing version, ideal for cycling, with soft rubber push-pull cap and protective cover; or the more touring version, with one-piece outdoor steel cap that can be loosened to drink the liquid straight from the bottle body.