We have updated the ‘Belgian Bootie’ - the use of old winter-socks with cleat cut-outs over your cycling shoes - in a stylish and longer lasting manner. The polyamide mix is highly abrasion-resistant and elastic to ensure a snug fit around your shoe and ankle. Ideally used in combination with our Merino Socks they are bridging the gap between autumn and deep winter riding.
Preventing you from windchill and road-spray to keep your feet warm and shoes clean during low-light season.

- highly breathable
- high-stretch material
- with pre-cut + toughened cleat holes
- hardwearing and durable

Material: 2% Polypropylen, 2% Elastane, 96% Polyamide

The knitted oversocks are made for cycling. If you walk a lot on rough ground it can become damaged or dirty. For this reason we do not offer a guarantee for this type of damage. They were developed for road bike shoes and their pedal systems. When the overshoes are worn with other shoes, damage occurs that cannot be repaired.

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