knog PWR Adapter Mount


The PWR Adaptor Mount can be used to attach your PWR bike light or PWR bank to any tri-prong mount including Garmin, K-edge and GoPro.

This option includes the T Slot adaptor (for PWR Road or PWR Trail and PWR Banks) and Thumbscrew adaptor (for PWR Commuter and PWR Rider).

Free shipping to Switzerland.

Slot the PWR Adaptor prongs in between the tri-prongs on your chosen mount and insert screw. Tighten screw using a hex key. To fit light to mount: MODULAR LIGHTS: - Slide light onto the mount. Select preferred slot - furthest forward is best. Secure in slot with thumbscrew, turning anticlockwise. CHARGER LIGHTS: - Use thumbscrew to simply attach light body (turning anticlockwise). The PWR Adaptor is not recommended for the PWR Mountain. Use the PWR Bike Extension mount so that the weight of the battery isn’t directly on the Tri-Prong Mount.