Rene HERSE Cantilever Brake


You never knew cantilever brakes could be this good! Smart design, top-spec materials and precision manufacturing bring you smooth, powerful braking performance – and at 75 g one of the world’s lightest brake (with pad holders, but without pads which get lighter as they wear). The mechanical advantage is optimized to work equally well with modern ‘aero’ or with classic ‘non-aero’ brake levers.

Forged arms are thin without giving up strength. Post-style pad holders allow simple adjustment for pad wear without the need to re-set toe-in. Carefully equalized springs eliminate the need for tension adjustment screws. Thin straddle cables with pivoting mounts ensure smooth, slack-free braking. Super-grippy ‘salmon’ Kool-Stop pads for better stopping in wet and dry conditions.

Washers that set the toe-in, with thinner steel nuts for the eyebolts. To adjust toe-in, swap between straight and 2.5º angled washers to compensate for the alignment of your frame’s cantilever bosses.

Free shipping to Switzerland.

Note: To work with the ultralight design of these brakes, the height of your frame’s cantilever posts must be within standard tolerances. (Your current brake’s pads should be roughly in the middle of the slots.) If the pads of your current brakes are at the top or bottom of the slots, the Rene Herse brakes may not fit on your frame.

Sold as set for one wheel, to give you a maximum of flexibility when spec’ing your bike. Each brake comes with all hardware and a Rene Herse straddle cable yoke.


Mount to standard cantilever posts
Supplied with 'standard' 264 mm straddle cable
Clearance for 56 mm tires without fenders, or 42 mm tires with 62 mm fenders
Distance between posts: 62 - 84 mm
Weight (with straddle cable and pad holders, but without pads)
Thick and long-wearing Kool-Stop pads weigh 15 g/pair (but get lighter as they wear)
Assembled in Seattle from parts made in Taiwan and USA
10 year warranty