René HERSE Hatcher Pass Tire 700C x 48 TC


At 48 mm wide, the Hatcher Pass hits the sweet spot between narrow gravel tire (38 mm) and mountain bike volume (55 mm) – ideal for the latest generation of gravel and all-road bikes. Named after Lael Wilcox’ favorite road in Alaska, this tire perfect for Hatcher Pass: The front side of the climb is paved and leads to Independence Mine (an abandoned gold mine that is now a state park). The back side is dirt. In August and September there are fields full of wild blueberries near the top.

The Standard casing is our more affordable option: comfortable and fast, yet also strong to withstand considerable abuse. The Extralight casing takes the performance, comfort and feel of your bike to an entirely new level. The Endurance casing is reinforced for extra sidewall protection and puncture resistance, while retaining the speed and comfort for which Rene Herse tires are famous.

The Snoqualmie Pass is tubeless-compatible. For tubeless setup, we recommend SealSmart sealant.

Made in Japan.

The supple casing of our Rene Herse all-road tires rolls smoothly over surface irregularities. The tread pattern interlocks with the road surface for superior cornering grip, whether your roads are wet or dry. The tread has enough thickness in the center to last many miles, but it's thin and supple on the shoulders where it doesn’t wear. All models feature:

Clincher, folding bead
Maximum pressure with tubes: 55 psi (3.5 bar)
Maximum recommended pressure – tubeless: 55 psi (3.5 bar)
Actual width on 21 mm rim (internal): approx. 47 mm
Actual width on 23 mm rim (internal): approx. 48 mm
Extralight casing: +1 mm width
Tubeless: +0.5 mm width
Recommended rim: 17 - 35 mm (inner width; hookless: +1 mm)
Standard casing
Supple casing

Tan sidewalls
470 g
Extralight casing
Ultra-light, ultra-supple casing
The ultimate in speed and comfort
Tan sidewalls
430 g

Endurance casing
The same ultra-fine threads as our Extralight casing, but in a denser, stronger weave
Protective belt under sidewalls and tread
Ideal for rough gravel and tough conditions
Dark tan sidewalls
495 g