SUPERNOVA Airstream 2 Upside down Version


Indestructible. Enduring. Bright - The AIRSTREAM 2 is one of the brightest approved LED bike lights with integrated battery. In the new "Upside Down" version, which is now additionally available, it is also possible to mount it below the handlebar. This extends the Airstream 2's range of use to bikes with handlebar stem units or aero/TT cockpits. Thanks to the waterproof and robust housing, the battery-powered front light is ready for any weather. The matching AIRSTREAM TL 2 tail light can simply be connected to the front light.

Free shipping to Switzerland.

Low beam: 230 lm, 105 lx
Daytime running light: integrated with lens
Optic: TERRAFLUX 4 lens
Burn time: 2,5 - 14 hrs, with 4 light levels. 80% fast charge in 4 hrs, 100% in 6 hrs.
Housing dimensions: 108 x 41 x 49 mm
Weight: 165 g without holder
Warranty: 3 years* (*Battery is designed for at least 500 charge cycles [= approx. 5 years of use] and has a warranty of 2 years. Battery can be easily replaced by Supernova).