fizik Vento Argo R5 Saddle


A performance racing saddle that combines a ride-compliant carbon-reinforced nylon shell and S-Alloy rails.

140 or 150 mm

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Length: 265 mm
Width: 140 mm / 150 mm
Weight: 235 g / 242 g
Height at 75mm width: 45 mm
Length from nose to 75 mm width: 114 mm
Rail: 7x7 mm

Made in Italy.

VENTO ARGO R5 is a performance racing saddle with a short-nose design that improves stability and allows for a more aggressive, aero riding position.

Vento: Performance racing series designed in collaboration with professional cyclists
Argo: versatile short nose saddle that encourages stability and reliefs pressure on soft tissue area

R5: a combination of a ride compliant carbon reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy rail
Type 1 foam: low profile, reactive and springy for efficent power transfer