ALBA OPTICS Delta VZUM™ A-Lens pou

Image of ALBA OPTICS Delta VZUM™ A-Lens pou


Enhances the visibility on cold tones in high bright conditions for an intense colourful experience. Increases the contrast by 16%.
CAT 3 | VT 15%

VZUM™ A-Lens:

DELTA uses VZUM™ A-LENS made from scratch resistant polycarbonate, with a non-centred base 6 that enables fixed vision without side view distortion. The curve covers an optical cone of 180°, providing excellent protection against the wind and strong light, that often reflects on other sunglasses creating an eye blinding effect. The shock absorbent, unbreakable material provides excellent resilience.

What’s in the box:

Your VZUM™ A-LENS will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging, made from heavy white cardboard. You will receive a box containing a lens, a microfibre cloth for cleaning, CE guaranteed.