fizik Tempo Bondcush 3 mm Tacky les Classiques Ribbon


Celebrating the challenges and triumphs of the Spring Classics, our Tempo Bondcush Tacky bar tape – Les Classiques edition brings off-road performance to the pavé. With design details that capture the dust and dirt of Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and more, our Tempo Bondcush Tacky bar tape is made for riders who hold their line when the pressure is on, and those ready to answer “the call of the cobbles”.

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Designed to perform across a range of surfaces and conditions, our Tempo series bar tape is built for the challenges found on the road. Both versatile and durable, Tempo bar tape is well-equipped to handle the rigours of daily riding and racing alike.

Constructed from bonded performance layers, Bondcush bar tape combines a comfortable, mid-padding polymer foam with a microtex outer layer for our chunkiest, road-specific bar tape. The result is better absorption of road buzz for less hand-fatigue and a more confident, long-lasting grip.

A final, “tacky” exterior finish creates a nonslip surface to improve rider control across a variety of road surfaces and weather conditions.